Breast Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

Our team is dedicated to clinical research in the field of breast cancer. They understand it is not a single disease, and keep current on research that is uncovering innovative ways to identify and treat the many different forms of breast cancer.

Because of this, you may have the opportunity to be treated in a clinical trial, which is a research study that tests new treatments. Learn more about clinical trials at Moores Cancer Center or search for a specific trial.

Types of Research

Watch a May 2012 video of Dr. Catheryn Yashar, radiation oncologist at Moores Cancer Center, on recent data about the effectiveness of brachytherapy.

Most of our breast cancer experts are involved in progressive research to:

  • Identify breast cancer’s causal and risk factors
  • Predict and manage risk through genetic counseling
  • Enhance detection
  • Increase imaging quality for higher-precision diagnosis and treatment
  • Identify breast cancer subtypes
  • Expand surgical options to allow the highest opportunity for breast conservation
  • Refine the medical oncology tool chest of case-specific alternatives for radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy
  • Reduce or manage symptoms and side effects
  • Causes and abatement of fatigue
  • Heighten wellness by exploring new therapies to enhance quality of life during and after cancer treatment
  • Decrease probability of recurrence