Facts About Palliative Care

UC San Diego Health's palliative care teams are some of the busiest and most well staffed in the country. They offers comprehensive and compassionate care for people diagnosed with a serious illness. Learn more about palliative care:

Fact: Specialist palliative teams are quality-of-life experts for those with serious illness at any stage of disease. 

Although palliative and hospice teams share the same principles of comfort and support, palliative care often begins at diagnosis and continues during treatment and beyond. Palliative care is not synonymous with end-of-life care.

Fact: Palliative teams provide an added layer of support in addition to your prescribed treatment. 

Palliative teams can help you achieve your best quality of life throughout the course of your prescribed treatment. They make recommnedations about the management of your pain and other symptoms. You will continue to receive care from your other physicians.

Fact: Family and caregivers also benefit from a palliative team's work. 

Everyone involved can benefit. Your doctors and nurses benefit, too, because they know they are meeting your needs by providing care that improves quality of life.

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For palliative care clinical trials, see Moores Cancer Center Clinical Trial Search and select Palliative Care.