Understanding Prostate Cancer

Videos that explain prostate cancer and treatment options

The following series of videos were created with the generous support of the Boesky Family Trust to provide current, useful information on the different ways prostate cancer is treated at the best health systems in the county, including UC San Diego Health.

An introduction to prostate cancer by Christopher Kane, MD. (1min. 12sec.)

Dr. Christopher Kane explains risk assessment, including PSA, PSA velocity, clinical stage, grade, Gleason Grading System and biopsy information. (8min. 54sec.)

J. Kellogg Parsons, MD, MHS, discusses active surveillance or watchful waiting, and explains who is an appropriate candidate for this treatment option. (7min. 11sec.)

W. Robert Lee, MD, MS, Med, breaks down types of radiation therapy – including external radiation (IMRT and IGRT) and internal radiation or brachytherapy. (10min. 44sec.)

Dr. Christopher Kane explains radical prostatectomy, including open and robotic minimally invasive approaches. (11min. 33sec.)

Charles Ryan, MD reviews options for men with high risk prostate cancer, combining multiple therapies including prostatectomy, hormonal and radiation therapy - to increase likelihood of curing the disease. (21min. 32sec.)

A closing to "Beyond a Second Opinion" by Christopher Kane, MD (59sec.)


Assessing Prostate Cancer

Low Risk
(Meets all of the following)
Intermediate Risk
(Meets one of the following)
High Risk
(Meets one of the following)
PSA < 10PSA 10-20PSA > 20
Gleason Sum </= 6Gleason Sum of 7 Gleason Sum of 8-10
Stage T1c or T2aStage T2bStage >/= T2c

Patient Testimonial: Why I Chose UC San Diego Health

Scott Thurman was diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated by Dr. Christopher J. Kane at Moores Cancer Center. In this video, he talks about why he chose UC San Diego Health for prostate cancer treatment.


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