Healing Foods Program

Healthy Eating Program

The Healing Foods Program (formerly the Healthy Eating Program) provides UC San Diego Health patients, staff, research participants, and the community with resources, monthly nutrition seminars and cooking classes focusing on the benefits of nutrition and cancer prevention.

What We Do

Our program gives participants an opportunity to learn evidence-based nutrition information and obtain accurate state-of-the-science information from nutrition professionals. Each month, seminars and food demonstration classes focus on a nutrition feature.

  • Food Demonstration Classes showcase a nutrition theme followed by a food demonstrations, taste testing, and discussion of the recipe‚Äôs nutrient content and preparations. Participants receive a hard copy of the recipes with nutrient content per serving and other educational materials. Recipes and product demonstrations are designed to not only tie into the nutrition theme, but to taste good and be convenient and easy to prepare. Seeing the process and enjoying the food are important factors that can motivate healthy eating and cooking outside of the class. Classes are held in Room 2007, Moores Cancer Center. Registration is required.

    Food Demonstration Schedule and Registration

    Location: Room 2007, Moores Cancer Center
    Cost: Free, but registration is required.
    Registration: Use the links below:
  • Monthly Nutrition Seminars provide participants with evidence-based nutrition information and an opportunity for discussion with a nutrition professional. Each month our seminars explore a different topic on food, nutrition and cancer survivorship. Seminars are held in Comer Commons, Moores Cancer Center. Registration is suggested, but not mandatory.

    Seminar Schedule

    Cost: Free. Registration is suggested but not mandatory.
    Registration: Use the links below: