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Partners in Care

The Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is your advocate. We are a group of patients, caregivers, providers, and staff who are committed to ensuring that patient and family perspectives are heard at Moores Cancer Center. In partnership with Moores Cancer Center leadership, we examine and incorporate patient and family feedback to improve services and care.

Your voice matters.
Your views help us improve the patient and family experience
at Moores Cancer Center.

Vision, Mission, and Purpose

Our vision: Compassionate patient and family-centered care is an integral part of personalized medicine

Our mission: To humanize the cancer experience by ensuring patient and family perspectives are heard and integrated

Our purpose:

  • Improve the patient experience by focusing on how we can provide excellence in patient care, help patients navigate through their cancer care, and increase awareness of our services throughout the community
  • Provide Cancer Center leadership with the perspectives of patients, families, community members, volunteers, and employees
  • Participate in cancer education programs and quality improvement projects
  • Recognize staff, faculty, and volunteers

For more information, see our bylaws. If you are interested in becoming a member, download an application.

Current Members

PFAC members


  • Stanley Faer, Community Chair
  • Dr. Barbara Parker, Deputy Director, Clinical Affairs
  • Suzanne Agarwal, Staff Chair, Experience Specialist

Second Row

  • Bob Starkey, Patient Representative
  • Sally Bernstein, Patient Representative
  • Alessandra Colfi, Guest
  • Mary Collins, Clinic Manager, Radiation Oncology
  • Nikki Schweitzer, Patient Representative
  • Cynthia Villis, Patient Representative
  • Omar Hassaine, Patient Representative
  • Laura Sinohui, Patient Representative
  • Linda Strause, Caregiver Representative
  • Adriana Tamayo, Patient Representative
  • Dr. Jeremy Hirst, Associate Director, Patient & Family Support Service
  • Monette Santos-Moss, Infusion Center Nursing Manager
  • Linda Holland, Immediate Past Community Chair
  • Jim Allen, Patient Representative

Not Pictured

  • Bobby Cherry, Assistant Director, Patient Access and Clinic Operations
  • Emily Meier, Patient Representative
  • Jennifer Johnson, Senior Analyst, Patient Experience
  • Julie Croner, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Layah Blacksberg, Supervisor, Moores Cancer Center Volunteer Services
  • Robyn Isbell, Patient Representative
  • Victoria Bradford, Assistant Director of Nursing
  • Susan Zukowski, Director, Program Planning and Faculty Development
  • Monica Lingle, Clinical Social Work

Contact Us

To share an experience or concern, please email or call 619-543-5678.

Get Involved

To apply or learn more about becoming a member of the Patient & Family Advisory Council, download an application or call 858-822-5381.

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