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Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ for Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation

Drs. Pam Taub and Dean Ornish

Dr. Pam Taub, director of the Step Family Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness Center at UC San Diego Health, with Dr. Dean Ornish, founder of Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™.

UC San Diego Health proudly offers Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ for our intensive cardiac rehabilitation patients. 

Also learn about our standard cardiac rehabilitation track.

What is Unique About Our Program?

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ is the only scientifically proven program to slow, stop and even reverse the effects of heart disease. The program integrates the best of traditional medicine and comprehensive lifestyle changes. Patients learn good habits that last well beyond the program and into their daily lives, including:

Stress management: Participants learn techniques to improve fitness and reduce stress cardiac rehab patient practicing yogathrough movement and relaxation exercises. The program not only helps with stress management but also makes participants more aware of what happens physically, emotionally and spiritually during stressful times.

Group support: By connecting with others and sharing experiences, participants gain confidence in their ability to improve their health and are more likely to maintain their progress.

Nutrition: During each session, participants share a nutritious, plant-based meal while cooking lesson for cardiac healthlearning about lifestyle behaviors. The program focuses on developing a low-fat, whole foods, plant-based eating plan.

Fitness: Participants exercise together, with an emphasis on regular, moderate aerobic and strength training exercises.

Medicare and most insurances -- including Blue Shield of California -- reimburse up to 18, 4-hour sessions, which meet twice weekly for a total of 9 weeks.

Heart-Healthy Recipes

Our dietitian shows you how to make delicious recipes from Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ that are low in fat and made with plant-based, whole foods.

Edamame Toast


Moroccan Vegetable Stew


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