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Executive Health and Wellness FAQ


This information answers common questions about the Executive Health and Wellness program.

How far in advance are appointments scheduled?
Most appointments are scheduled one to two months in advance. We suggest that you schedule as early as possible. Request an appointment.

When will I receive my schedule for the day?
You should receive your schedule one to two weeks before your scheduled visit.

How long is the customized health assessment?
The standard assessment will last approximately four to eight hours, depending on the number of tests or procedures. If your checkup requires a colonoscopy, this must be done on a separate day. Optional additional services, such as a radiology procedure or a comprehensive cardiac exam, may require additional time.

Why can’t I have a colonoscopy on the same day as my assessment?
Because of the anesthesia used for the colonoscopy, the procedure requires an extended and sometimes unpredictable amount of time for the anesthesia to wear off. Thus it is quite difficult to coordinate this procedure on the same day as the full set of screening services.

How will I be notified of the results of my assessment?
Within two to three weeks of completing your assessment, you will receive a summary package of your results. Certain tests require a longer processing time and the result may not be available within this time frame; however, you will receive this information as soon as it is sent to our office. You will be immediately contacted should any preliminary results indicate urgent follow-up care might be needed.

How much does your service cost?
The costs depend on which screening tests you select. Services can be determined by both the patient's needs and the physician’s recommendations.

I have existing medical problems and would like consultations with UC San Diego medical specialists. Is this program right for me?
The Executive Health and Wellness program is designed for disease prevention and is not a diagnostic and treatment center. If your primary desire is to have specialty evaluations, please request an appointment with UC San Diego Health.

Where should I stay in San Diego?
The Executive Health and Wellness coordinators will be happy to provide information on hotels in San Diego that are conveniently located near our executive suite. Please contact us.

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