Diabetes Online Tutorials

Diabetes is a complex disease that requires constant care.

To help you better manage diabetes and feel in control of your health, we work with Emmi® Solutions to provide comprehensive, educational videos on everything from footcare to controlling blood sugar.

About Emmi videos:

  1. Each video is about 20 minutes long.
  2. View each video as many times as you like.
  3. You may print out the highlights of the video and bring with you to your next appointment with any questions you have.

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Illustration of a human pancreas.

All About Type 2 Diabetes

Learn the ins and outs of medications, food and exercise for type 2 diabetes management. bulletWatch video.

Illustration of a blood glucose monitor.

Checking Your Blood Sugar

Checking your blood sugar often is essential to controlling diabetes. Learn the why, when and how of blood sugar testing. ​bulletWatch video.

Illustration of a blood pressure monitor.

High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Learn how to manage high blood pressure and consequently reduce your risk for many deadly conditions. bulletWatch video.

Illustration of a human foot.

Footcare Tips: Minding Your Feet

Those with diabetes have a higher risk of getting a deadly foot infection. Learn how to protect your feet. bulletWatch video.

Illustration of an A1C sample.

Keeping Your A1C Down

Was your last A1C test result high? Learn how to improve your blood sugar by keeping your A1C results on target. bulletWatch video.

Illustration of carbohydrate foods.

Counting Carbs for Blood Sugar Management

Carbohydrate counting can help you keep your blood sugar levels in a healthy range. ​bulletWatch video.

Illustration of insulin.

Insulin Basics: Types & How to Inject

Learn how insulin therapy works, which types are most common, and how to inject it. bulletWatch video.

Illustration of a baby with gestational diabetes in the womb.

Gestational Diabetes: Risks & Treatment

Find out how gestational diabetes can affect your pregnancy. ​bulletWatch video.

Illustration of a meal.

What A Healthy Meal Looks Like

Proper nutrition can keep blood glucose levels down and help you maintain a healthy body weight.
bulletWatch video.

Illustration of a person with a large waistline.

Metabolic Syndrome Raising Your Diabetes Risk?

Certain factors, like a large waistline, can raise your risk for type 2 diabetes. ​bulletWatch video.

Illustration of a pack of cigarettes.

Quit Smoking: Benefits & How to Do It

Cigarette smoking can aggravate diabetes. Learn the immediate benefits of quitting smoking. bulletWatch video.

Illustration of a gastric band.

Bariatric Surgery: Know Your Options

Bariatric surgery can help improve life with type 2 diabetes, and in some cases, even reverse it.
bulletWatch video.

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