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Hepatitis B

Illustration of a liver.

Do You Have Hepatitis B?

People who are at a higher risk for hepatitis B include those who:

  • Were born in or have a parent who was born in Asia or other high-risk areas such as sub-Saharan Africa
  • Share IV drug needles
  • Have sex with a person who is infected
  • Have received a blood transfusion before implementation of universal screening in the late 1970s and '80s
  • Have never been screened or vaccinated for hepatitis B

If you have an increased risk of hepatitis B due to job, lifestyle choices, or contact with an infected family member at home, you should get the hepatitis B vaccine. If you think you may already be infected, schedule a screening as soon as possible by calling 619-543-5415.

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Learn more about the most common liver infection in the world.

About Hepatitis B

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Chronic Hepatitis B

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Specialized Care

Our multidisciplinary clinic is staffed by leading hepatologists, infectious disease experts, and pharmacists dedicated to the treatment and prevention of hepatitis B.

Our team provides top-level care for those coinfected with HIV as well as patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Chronic Hepatitis B

Chronic hepatitis B is a serious medical illness. While you may not have symptoms, a chronic infection can lead to deadly liver damage and cancer. How we treat chronic hepatitis B at UC San Diego Health.

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