Comorbidities of Hepatitis C

Conditions That Often Occur With Hepatitis C

When a disease or disorder exists with hepatitis C, this is called a comorbidity.

A comorbid condition can worsen hepatitis C symptoms and interfere with medication effectiveness. They should be carefully addressed before and during treatment. Our team specializes in simultaneously treating comorbid conditions and hepatitis C infections.

Dramatization of person with hepatitis C suffering from heavy alcohol use.

Conditions affecting the course of hepatitis C infection:

  1. Alcohol abuse
  2. Coinfection with HIV
  3. Fatty liver disease
  4. Hemochromatosis
  5. Autoimmune disease (thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis)
  6. Excess medications (acetaminophen - Tylenol)

Alcohol: Just Say "No"

Many people who have hepatitis C also have a history of heavy alcohol use. When combined with hepatitis C, alcohol accelerates liver damage and advanced scarring.

Alcohol cessation is one of the first and most important steps toward successfully managing and treating a hepatitis C infection.

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