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Hepatitis C Risk Factors

What is Hepatitis C?


Hepatitis C is a viral disease that causes liver inflammation.

How Do You Get It?

People get hepatitis C when infected blood enters their body and mixes with their own blood (e.g., blood transfusions, infected needles).

Are You At Risk?

If any of the following factors apply to you, we advise that you get tested immediately.

12 factors that increase risk of hepatitis C:

  1. Born between 1945 and 1965 (baby boomers)
  2. Born to a mother who had hepatitis C
  3. Received clotting factor replacement prior to 1987 (for hemophilia)
  4. Had procedure(s) with needles that weren't properly disinfected prior to use (e.g., tattoo, piercings, acupuncture)
  5. Frequently handling blood at work (e.g., health care worker)
  6. Sharing nail clippers, toothbrush or razor with someone who has hepatitis C
  7. Blood transfusions prior to 1992
  8. Unprotected sex with a person who has hepatitis C
  9. Long-term kidney dialysis
  10. Injection of illegal drugs
  11. Living or working in a prison
  12. Having an HIV infection
You cannot get hepatitis C from:
  • Breast milk
  • Shaking hands with an infected person
  • Being coughed on by someone with hepatitis C
  • Drinking water or eating food

Protect yourself and your loved ones from hepatitis C by avoiding high-risk behavior.

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Are You A Baby Boomer? Get Screened!

If you were born between 1945 and 1965, you are five times more likely to have been exposed to hepatitis C.

The CDC recommends a one-time screening for anyone born between these years.

Schedule your screening: 800-926-8273