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COVID-19 Telemedicine Clinic

Most people with COVID-19 can recover at home without complications, though individual experiences can vary greatly. Our COVID-19 telemedicine clinic offers virtual consultations and care for patients with multiple risk factors for severe disease.

Our experts will evaluate your symptoms and offer appropriate therapies that can help reduce hospitalization rates among particularly vulnerable adults (read details). These therapeutics work best if you get treatment as soon as possible, within five to seven days of the onset of symptoms. Because of limited supplies of therapeutics, at this time we are only able to offer care to patients at high risk of hospitalization for COVID-19.

Getting Care Upon Referral

Treatment is offered via video visits to individuals who have a positive result from a for COVID-19 test in the past seven days. 

Our COVID-19 telemedicine services are available upon referral only for patients who get their care at UC San Diego Health and are at high risk for severe disease.

  • If you get a COVID-19 PCR test elsewhere, a UC San Diego Health physician can refer you to the telemedicine clinic. 
  • If you were tested at a UC San Diego Health location, you will be referred to this telemedicine clinic for follow-up care.

COVID-19 Telehealth Services

Our services include:

  • An initial video visit or telephone consult with an infectious disease provider to discuss your health status, including underlying chronic health conditions
  • Follow-up video visits or telephone consults to monitor your health and recovery
  • Referrals to other specialists or inpatient care if your symptoms worsen
  • Therapeutics, including monoclonal antibody therapy, to lessen the severity of your infection — this is offered to patients with highest risk for severe disease; supplies are limited when COVID-19 cases surge
  • Medications for symptom relief and treatment of other underlying health conditions
  • Support for anxiety associated with your COVID-19 diagnosis
  • Spanish-speaking physician assistant and translator services
  • Education to help you prevent the spread of COVID-19 to other household members
  • A potential opportunity to participate in clinical trials and research studies related to COVID-19