Remote Second Opinion Service

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UC San Diego Health physicians and surgeons are pleased to partner with physicians abroad to help confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan, or recommend additional treatment options.

Second Opinion Medical Records Review (SOMRR)

Our Second Opinion Medical Records Review (SOMRR) Program is an excellent option for physicians who want to offer their patients all possible options for care. The SOMRR program is designed to be an extension of your practice. UC San Diego Health physicians and surgeons will work with you to review your patient's medical history and diagnostic records, and help to give your patients confidence in your recommended course of treatment. We work directly with physicians because we recognize that only you are uniquely qualified to interpret our medical opinion and devise a treatment plan best suited to your patient's condition.

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Step 1: Download and Complete Second Opinion Forms

Step 2: Gather and Submit Medical Records and X-rays

Step 3: Submit Materials to UC San Diego Health

Step 4: Patient Case is Reviewed by UC San Diego Health Physician or Surgeon

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Real-Time Telehealth Consults with UC San Diego Health Physicians for Patients in Ensenada, Mexico. (Telehealth Consult)

UC San Diego Health is pleased to offer doctor-to-doctor telehealth consultations for patients in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, through our partnership with Unimed Urgent Care Center (part of Unimed Health System). The Unimed Urgent Care Center is located at the following address:

Lázaro Cárdenas 853
Zona Centro
22800 Ensenada, B.C.
+52 (country code) + 646-174-0440

The Unimed Urgent Care Center is not far from the cruise ship terminal entrance of Ensenada.

These second opinion telehealth consultations between UC San Diego Health and Unimed Urgent Care are offered in the hope that the second opinion will give peace of mind to those patients seeking out the service that the very best medical advice is being provided, and that their well-being is of upmost concern.

Unimed Urgent Care is fully-staffed with both English and Spanish-speaking doctors.

More information regarding this service and fees associated may be obtained by contacting Unimed directly at the contact information above.

If you have any other questions or comments regarding this program, you may contact UC San Diego Health’s International Patient Program at the contact information below.

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International Patient Services
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