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Healthy Eating


Recipes for the Healthiest Summer Yet
There is no better time than summer to focus on health. Longer, warmer days seem to invite us to become lighter and brighter, too. One of the most powerful ways to nourish your body into its optimal state-of-being is through the food you eat every day.


It’s True! Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
The Mediterranean diet is a heart-healthy eating pattern based upon the traditional foods and cooking styles of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It is primarily a plant-based diet rich in monounsaturated fats and minimally processed foods.


Loving Chocolate: A Dark Dream or Sweet Reality?
A gift from the heart that may help the heart? According to recent studies, those who consume chocolate may lower their risk of coronary heart disease. One of the primary benefits of chocolate is in the powerful antioxidants called flavonols.

Pumpkin Pie

Holiday Eating Tips 
As the holidays approach, parties are abundant, and with each party comes the challenge of keeping your commitment to healthful eating. Rather than focus on the “don’ts” let’s pay attention to the “do” strategies that can reduce calories and fat without sacrificing taste.