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Program Mission and Goals

The mission of the UC San Diego Health Dietetic Internship was created out of the institution’s mission to deliver outstanding patient care through commitment to the community, groundbreaking research and inspired teaching. The hospital’s core values of Quality, Caring, Integrity, Creativity and Teamwork were pivotal in creating the internship’s mission.

The mission of the UC San Diego Health Dietetic Internship is to offer learning experiences that promote the highest level of practice for preparation of entry-level registered dietitians. As part of an academic medical center, we strive to provide excellence in evidence-based nutrition practice, provide nutrition services that value compassionate patient care, and utilize emerging research to further innovative approaches to dietetics. We are committed to:

  • Foster an educational foundation toward the provision of high quality nutrition care to all of their future patients
  • Encourage interns to acknowledge the diversity and individuality of all patients
  • Model and teach integrity with high ethical standards
  • Develop dietitians to think critically, share innovative ideas and be inquisitive
  • Provide a well rounded and supportive learning environment with a team approach in clinical nutrition, food service management, research, and ambulatory/community nutrition.

Program Goal 1: Prepare graduates who are competent for entry level practice as Registered Dietitians

Outcome Measures:

  • 80 percent of interns will complete the program within 18 months
  • First time pass rate for RD exam will be at least 80 percent over five year period
  • 90 percent of employed graduates will rate themselves as prepared or well prepared for their first position as an RD
  • At least 70 percent of graduates that seek employment are employed in a dietetics-related job within one year of graduation, measured over a five year period

Program Goal 2: The dietetic internship will graduate dietetic interns who will enhance the dietetic profession and show leadership in the field of dietetics.

Outcome Measures:

  • 80 percent of employers will rate graduates as “satisfactory” or above (3.0 on a 5-point scale) in professional knowledge and skills and leadership qualities during the first year of employment
  • 80 percent of graduates will set up a professional development portfolio and participate in professional development activities within 1 year of graduation
  • Within one year, at least 50 percent of graduates will report attainment of a dietetics related leadership or management position (i.e. mentoring students, serving as preceptor, elected position, management position, leadership activities or dietetics committee service)

Program outcome data are available upon request.