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UC San Diego Health provides initial evaluations, preconception counseling, diagnostic testing and a range of individualized treatment options for couples having difficulty conceiving. 

Demystifying Myths about Fertility

Learn about the latest treatments for male and female infertility from fertility specialists Antoni Duleba, MD and Mike Hsieh, MD. The event is free but registration is required.

Thursday, April 6, 2017
6 p.m. — 7:30 p.m. 

Initial Appointment

A first visit is an important time to hear about your fertility journey and your goals and wishes. The visit usually also includes:
  • Ultrasound examination to detect abnormalities that could be affecting fertility and to determine further testing required
  • Preliminary conversation about possible treatment options

A treatment plan will be decided after any needed testing is completed, and will be based on your wishes and test results. (See Infertility FAQ for more information about treatment.)

Testing ​

Among the tests we may order are:

Less Pain with Ultrasound HSG

HSGs, traditionally performed using dye and X-ray, can detect blockages in the fallopian tube. The new method, using saline and air bubbles, causes less cramping and can be performed in the clinic. Read more.


Our team works closely with each couple to develop treatment protocols that are carefully individualized for them. These can include:

Through a clinical collaboration with Reproductive Partners Fertility Center–San Diego, our reproductive endocrinologists offer the following infertility and fertility preservation services:

For more information, see:

    Contact Us

    We see patients daily at Perlman Medical Offices. Appointments for consultation, diagnosis and treatment are available by referral through your primary care physician or OB/GYN. Contact us by calling 858-657-8745. 

    Video Resources

    Dr. Sanjay Agarwal discusses the causes of infertility and gives advice to women who want to become pregnant.

    Dr. Mike Hsieh discusses male infertility and options for treating it. For more information, see Male Fertility and Sexual Health.

    Dr. Antoni Duleba discusses the regulation of ovarian function and how it affects the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

    Appointments & Referrals


    La Jolla

    Meet Our Team

    Related Services

     Counseling and Support

    Because infertility can have far-reaching emotional impacts, UC San Diego Health also offers group and couples counseling. Learn more.

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    Make a financial gift to the Women's Health Fund.

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