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FAQ: Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology

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Infertility: What It Is and What Causes It

What is infertility?

What causes infertility?

Is infertility a common problem?

Is infertility strictly a woman’s problem? What increases a woman’s risk of infertility?

How does age affect a woman’s ability to have children?

What increases a man’s risk of infertility?

How Infertility is Diagnosed and Treated

What are the signs or symptoms of infertility?

How long should we try to conceive before seeing a doctor?

Will we need to see a specialist or can my gynecologist provide infertility treatment?

What is a reproductive endocrinologist (RE)?

How can we find an infertility specialist at UC San Diego Health? What types of infertility services are available?

How do doctors figure out what’s causing infertility?

What types of medicines are used to treat infertility?

Are there any risks associated with taking fertility medications? Can they increase a person’s risk of cancer?

Is surgery ever used to treat infertility?

Do insurance plans cover infertility treatments? Are there other financial programs that can help cover the cost of treatments if my insurance does not?

Tracking Your Fertility and Optimizing Your Chances for Success

What are the best days of the month to conceive? At what time of the month is a woman most fertile?

How can a woman tell if she is ovulating?

How often should we have intercourse when trying to conceive?

What are some ways we can improve our fertility?

Can acupuncture help improve fertility?

Should couples trying to conceive take herbal medications or vitamin supplements for improving our fertility?

Where can we find information on the success rates of different infertility treatments?

IUI, IVF and Specialized Testing

What is artificial insemination? What is intrauterine insemination (IUI)? Are they the same thing?

What is in vitro fertilization (IVF)? Is it expensive?

Should we have genetic testing done?

What are the odds of conceiving a multiple pregnancy with infertility treatments? What are the risks?

How Cancer Affects Fertility

Is pregnancy possible after cancer treatment?

What can I do to preserve my fertility before receiving cancer treatment?

Emotional and Psychological Challenges of Coping with Infertility

What are the emotional and social challenges associated with infertility? How does infertility affect psychological well-being?

Where can I find support or connect others going through the same or similar problems with infertility?

How can we find a mental health professional experienced in working with infertility?

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