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Videos: Pregnancy and Childbirth at UC San Diego Health

Having a Baby at UC San Diego Health

UC San Diego Health gives you more childbirth options than anywhere else in San Diego. 

Jacobs Medical Center: Options for Childbirth

Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla provides the latest in advanced technology for pregnancy and childbirth. 

More Childbirth and Parenting Videos

Learn more about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting by watching these videos.  You can also sign up to take a class or take a hospital tour.

Motherhood TV
Expecting a new bundle of joy? From the first kicks to the first months, the Motherhood Channel is here to support you during his exciting time. Our doctors, midwives, nurses and researchers give you the answers you need to have a healthy and informed pregnancy.

  How to Swaddle a Baby
Learn how to calm and comfort your baby with this swaddling technique. 

  Pregnancy Mythbuster
Find out more about common concerns and myths during pregnancy from Dr. Maryam Tarsa.  

  Fetal kick counting
Dr. Thomas Moore talks about the importance of doing fetal kick counting and the method that has proven to decrease stillbirths.

  Breastfeeding premature infants series
Learn the steps for breastfeeding preterm infants in this series of videos.

  Preparing for Childbirth: Exercises for Circulation, Pain Relief, and Strength
UC San Diego Health physical therapist Kerry McCullough, PT, DPT leads you through exercises that can be done during pregnancy. These exercises are designed to increase blood flow and circulation, reduce pain, and strengthen the major muscle groups to help with labor.  View the Spanish version of this video.