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Nurse Midwifery and Birth Center FAQ

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Do the nurse-midwives only attend births in a Birth Center?

Does the nurse-midwife I see for my prenatal care always attend my birth?

Can I give birth in a Birth Center if I've had a C-section in the past and am attempting a VBAC delivery?

Can I give birth in the Birth Center if I’ve tested positive for COVID-19 during my pregnancy?

Can I have pain medicine in a Birth Center?

I know I want an epidural. Can I still see a midwife for prenatal care and childbirth?

What is different about prenatal care with a midwife? Will I still have prenatal testing and ultrasounds?

I want a natural birth and am concerned that this won't happen if I'm in a hospital setting. Can you reassure me?

Why would I be transferred to Labor & Delivery from the Birth Center?

If I transfer to Labor & Delivery, will the midwife still attend my birth?

Can I have a water birth?

What is a doula? How can I request one?

Are there any limits on who can be with me during labor?

Is there a time when all the Birth Center rooms are full and unavailable?

Is there an age restriction for mothers who want to deliver in a Birth Center?

Is there any other reason I would not be eligible to deliver in a Birth Center?

Will I get help with breastfeeding if I deliver in a Birth Center room?