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Postpartum Care

We encourage parents to bond with their infants by rooming in and caring for their newborns after delivery. If your baby is born in a Labor & Delivery room, you and your baby will be transferred to a postpartum room approximately two hours after delivery. This is a quiet environment where families and new babies spend their recovery period in a private room where specialized nurses care for them.

You will be seen by your usual health care provider if he or she is at the hospital; otherwise, you will be seen by one of the partners in your provider’s practice. For more about your newborn's care, routine health screenings for infants, and breastfeeding support, see Newborn Care.


Because of the current health risks from COVID-19, routine visitation is currently restricted. See Updated Visitor Restrictions for the latest information.

Discharge and Follow-Up Care

The average hospital stay is one to two days for a vaginal delivery and four days for cesarean delivery. With arrangements for follow-up care and good support at home, you may be discharged 24 hours after birth, but usually no sooner. Before you leave, we'll ask your support person to bring your baby's car seat to your room.

The newborn health team will communicate with your baby’s medical provider and help you arrange for infant care after discharge. On the day you go home, you'll receive written discharge instructions for making follow-up appointments for you and your baby. Most babies are seen within 48 hours of discharge.

We prefer to discharge patients by 11 a.m. when possible.