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San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank

San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank is a developing milk bank that will open in 2020. Our goals are to help mothers breastfeed, to improve breastmilk donation and to ensure that all premature or ill babies in San Diego County and Imperial Valley have access to donor milk. 

Over the next year, as we build our milk processing facility in San Diego, we have temporarily partnered with Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin (MMBA). We will develop our facility in two stages:

1. Depot Stage (available now)

Mothers interested in donating their milk will work with the Austin Mothers’ Milk Bank to become an approved donor.

After a donor mother is approved, milk will be collected locally at the San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank office located at San Diego Blood Bank, which will then ship the milk to Austin.

2. Fully Operational Milk Bank in San Diego (mid-2020)

After our San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank is open, milk can be donated and processed fully in San Diego and distributed to our local community.

Mothers who wish to donate milk to research do not need to be approved and should contact San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank directly at 858-249-1717 or

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Download our app today from Google Play or the App Store. The app is a great resource for learning more about the San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank, tips and videos on learning how to breast feed, catching up on the latest information on breastfeeding and finding local breastfeeding resources.

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How to Donate Milk

1. Contact Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin (MMBA) to become an approved milk donor. 

2. Receive your donor approval and donor ID number from MMBA.

3. Contact San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank for milk drop off information at 858-249-1717 or mothersmilk@ucsd.eduPlease do not drop off milk before you have completed the approval process with MMBA. 

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