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Mother Giving Milk at San Diego Breaast Milk Drive A Developing Milk Bank Opening 2019

Have extra breast milk? Help us address a statewide milk shortage and feed NICU babies throughout California. 

Donor breast milk helps sick or preterm infants whose mothers don't have sufficient milk supply to meet their infants' nutritional needs. Donor milk is especially crucial for preterm babies who weigh less than three pounds at birth. When these infants are fed only breast milk, they have a reduced rate of infection and intestinal complications, better neurodevelopmental outcomes, and fewer trips back to the hospital after leaving the NICU.

Donated milk is tested for infection, pasteurized and sold to hospitals at cost to feed infants who need mothers' milk.  Donor mothers receive no compensation for their donation, other than the knowledge that they are helping babies thrive. 

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Future Breast Milk Donations 

We are working with San Diego Blood Bank to establish community-wide donation locations. In the future, you'll be able to qualify and donate breast milk at these locations. Our MothersMilk app will be ready to download soon and will help you find a breast milk donation site close to you. 

About the San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank

The San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank at UC San Diego Health was founded with a generous gift from a local couple who is passionate about breastfeeding education and support. Thanks to the generous support of mothers in the community, the San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank has already shipped 15,000 ounces of milk to Mothers' Milk Bank of San Jose.  

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San Diego Mothers' Milk Bank aims to become a non-profit milk bank with guidance from the Human Milk Banking Association of North America.

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