Going Home from the NICU

This is an important day for you and your baby. As the discharge time approaches, you will be encouraged to perform more of your baby’s daily care. If you are required to perform special procedures for you baby following discharge, you will receive special training from the nursing staff. You will also be taught an infant CPR course. We may also ask if you would like home visits by a public health nurse.

Once at home, please call your pediatrician if you have any questions. Rest assured that our discharge coordinator will set up an appointment for you with your local family pediatrician after you take your baby home. If you don’t have a pediatrician, you may select one from the UC San Diego Health. It is critical that your baby receives regular checkups and immunizations.

You and your family will always be important to us. We welcome return visits to the NICU as your child matures. We also appreciate cards and letters from you with highlights of your baby’s growth and development. And don’t forget to attend our annual Little Grad Picnic, which reunites parents and their babies with our nurses and doctors.

Follow-Up Care Program

The High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Program provides special examinations of your baby to supplement the routine pediatric care given by your primary care provider, including:

  • Standardized developmental tests to evaluate your child's development
  • Observation of how your child plays with toys and interacts
  • Assessment of your child’s motor skills, mental skills and language development
  • Examination of their muscle strength and reflexes

At each visit, parents will have ample time to ask questions. The results of the evaluation are discussed with you and may be sent to your child’s primary care provider and other community service providers.

If a child is found to have any problems, we work with families to help make certain that children receive services to help them achieve their maximum potential. Children are seen approximately every six months for their first two to three years.

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