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Isabella’s Giraffe Club

A May 25, 2012, luncheon at UC San Diego Medical Center honored Angela Amoroso, Drew Skinner, and Isabella’s Giraffe Club, the nonprofit they founded committed to providing emotional and educational support for parents with infants in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). For the past seven years, Angela and Drew poured their hearts and talents into supporting UC San Diego Health's NICU and the families we serve.

The activities Angela and Drew pursue include:

  • Five years of organizing the American Girl Fashion Show;
  • Monthly Giraffe Dinners for NICU families;
  • Contributions of t-shirts for little grads attending the annual Little Grad Picnic;
  • The purchase of a new Giraffe Bed for the NICU;
  • Ongoing availability "on-call" to patient families experiencing a loss and partnership with the NICU Bereavement Team; and
  • Many other efforts offering support and encouragement to families at difficult times.

Angela and Drew’s goodness continues to overflow, having benefited the lives of so many families who find themselves, unexpectedly, arriving in the NICU. The care professionals of UC San Diego Health's NICU are deeply honored to partner with them in caring for our tiniest patients and their families, and helping make their time here at UC San Diego Health a little less scary and a little more comfortable.

Bravo, Angela Amoroso and Drew Skinner! You're our stars!

Isabella's Giraffe Collage 

Top left: Drew Skinner and Angela Amoroso
Top right: Jan Hebert, Frank Mannino, MD, Drew Skinner, Angela Amoroso, and Mary Hackim
Bottom left: Jane Winters, Angela Amoroso, Drew Skinner, Katy Philyaw, and Lori Lorenz
Bottom right: Drew Skinner, Linda Levy, and Angela Amoroso in front of Isabella’s photo

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