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Perinatal Medicine: For Referring Physicians

Please call our Perinatal Hotline, 619-543-5400, if you have a patient who could benefit from our services. UC San Diego Health strives to provide excellent service to referring physicians. Our commitment to you includes:

  • Providing the level of support you desire (consult, co-management, or transfer of care)
  • Timely consultation
  • Coordination of care among our interdisciplinary staff
  • Follow-up communication
For more information, please see Our Services, along with these additional listings for referring physicians:

Maternal-Fetal Care and Genetics

  • First Trimester Screening Program
  • Genetic counseling
  • Targeted anatomy ultrasound
  • Advanced imaging (including 3D/4D Dopper)

Multifetal Pregnancy Program

  • Management of twins and higher order multiples
  • Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome evaluation and management
  • Preterm birth risk assessment

Diabetes and Pregnancy Program

  • Diabetic and nutritional education
  • Weekly glucose and medication evaluation
  • Oral hypoglycemic treatment and insulin management
  • Fetal growth assessment
  • Delivery planning

Placental Assessment Program

  • Abnormal serum biomarkers
  • Fetal growth disorders
  • Doppler assessment of maternal, fetal umbilical and great vessel function
  • Longitudinal growth assessment
  • Timing of antenatal steroids

Provider Referrals

  • Perinatal Hotline: 619-543-5400

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