Infectious Diseases Specialty Residency

Nina M. Haste, Pharm.D., Ph.D. BCPS, (AQ-ID)

Nina M. Haste, Pharm.D.,

Thank you for your interest and consideration in the University of California, San Diego Health PGY2 Infectious Diseases specialty residency program for your advanced infectious diseases training. All of our residency programs are committed to providing residents with a supportive learning environment and opportunities for professional growth in direct, evidence-based patient care, teaching and research while encouraging the resident’s sense of responsibility and scholarly curiosity. Residents accepted into the PGY2 ID residency program will enjoy the time-honored, robust, collaborative nature of this consulting service, will benefit from working with very knowledgeable, dedicated, and seasoned preceptors, and knowing that graduates from our program will be well prepared and positioned for this highly demanding field of specialty pharmacy practice. This highly flexible program offers a huge range of electives that can be tailored to the resident’s strengths and interests, all in a growing, prosperous, intellectually stimulating academic healthcare environment. Residents provide direct patient care to diverse and unique patient populations at technologically progressive hospital sites. Residents also participate in delivering didactic instruction at the UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences’ microbiology and infectious diseases therapeutics course series. In addition to hospital patient care and academic appointments, graduating residents are well prepared for pursuing positions in a diverse range of settings, including institutional, academic, pharmaceutical industry, antimicrobial stewardship pharmacist, as an infectious diseases clinical specialist.

The UC San Diego Health System Center Department of Pharmacy and UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences offers a one-year specialty residency in infectious diseases.

Program Summary

  • Residency Positions Available Per Year
    1 resident is accepted each year
  • Stipend
    The current annual stipend is approximately $54,000.
  • Beginning Date
    August 1st (matched residents must be licensed pharmacists in the State of California before starting the residency year and no later than November 1st)
  • Application Procedure
    Eligible applicants must have graduated from an accredited school of pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and successfully completed a PGY1 pharmacy practice residency. Application found on PhORCAS at
  • Application Deadline 
    December 31 

Program Contact

Nina M. Haste, Pharm.D., Ph.D. BCPS, (AQ-ID)
PGY2 Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Residency Director
Infectious Diseases Pharmacist Specialist

Resident Contacts

Program Overview

Program Overview Infectious Diseases

Residency Program Purpose

The purpose of the UC San Diego Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Residency is to train and educate pharmacists in the delivery of exemplary pharmaceutical care to patients with infectious diseases. This PGY2 infectious diseases residency embraces the concept that infectious diseases pharmacy practitioners share in the responsibility and accountability for optimal drug therapy outcomes. Infectious diseases pharmacy residents must function independently as practitioners through conceptualizing, integrating, and transforming accumulated experience and knowledge into improved drug therapy for patients. The resident(s) will engage in various learning experiences with depth, allowing them to understand and appreciate the implications of medication therapy used in various disease states commonly encountered in this volatile patient population. These advanced practitioners will demonstrate leadership and practice management skills, and will develop proficiency in communication through educating other health care professionals, patients, and students on infectious diseases issues. The practitioners will develop the skills necessary to conduct an infectious diseases research project as well as demonstrate professional maturity by strengthening their personal philosophy of practice, monitoring their own performance, and exhibiting commitment to the profession. Graduates of this specialized program will create working career plans and possess intense, focused marketable job skills that should prepare them for career opportunities in any infectious diseases specialized health care organization.

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Required Learning Experiences

Supplemental experiences: Electives


San Diego Pharmacy Residency Leadership Teaching Certificate Program




Professional meetings

Program Outcomes

Our Infectious Diseases (PGY2) Pharmacy residents completing this program will be advanced practitioners proficient in the areas of:

Demonstrating leadership and practice management skills.

Optimizing the outcomes of patients with infectious diseases by providing evidence-based medication therapy as an integral part of an interdisciplinary team.

Demonstrating excellence in the provision of training, including preceptorship, or educational activities for health care professionals and health care professionals in training.

Demonstrating the skills necessary to conduct a critical care pharmacy research project.

Demonstrating the skills required to function in an academic setting.