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Using advanced machine learning, a cross disciplinary team of University of California San Diego researchers developed technology that mined Twitter to identify entities illegally selling prescription ...
More than 100 physicians from UC San Diego Health were named “Top Docs” in the annual San Diego Magazine “Physicians of Exceptional Excellence” annual survey. These physicians represent 45 diverse spe ...
It's back to school time, which means time for questions. We asked O. Douglas Wilson, MD, pediatrician with UC San Diego Health, to address some common queries.
One-third of American children are overweight or obese. Family-based treatment (FBT) has been considered the best model for the treatment of obese children as it provides both parents and children wit ...
Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, with a cohort of clinical collaborators from across the United States, have demonstrated the impact of low and high birth weights ...
This month, we ask our experts’ advice about how to know when to go to the emergency department or urgent care, what’s considered a low risk birth and when to know if you need an Epi-pen.
Thirteen years ago, Natalie made a wish that inspired her parents to found the Cystinosis Research Foundation. With their support, UC San Diego researchers are now developing a stem cell-based therapy ...
In an effort to put the brakes on sobering statistics related to teenagers driving under the influence, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine will join forces with the S ...
This month we discuss what to do when your child has outgrown a pediatrician, how to address computer vision symdrome, and what you should know about hot flashes.
The University of California San Diego School of Medicine Center for Community Health recently received a $3.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to increase affordable food ...
Working Mother

​Features Wael Al-Delaimy, MD, PhD

Twenty-two University of California, San Diego scientists and physicians are among the 2015 listing of “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds,” an annual compendium of “Highly Cited Researcher ...
First introduced in the United States in 2007, electronic cigarettes have risen dramatically in part because they are popularly considered safer and more socially acceptable than combustible cigarette ...
Back-to-school means back to making school lunches for many parents. It’s a daily challenge to create a midday meal that’s both nutritious and tasty - here are some tips to help satisfy the lunch box ...
This month our experts talk about back-to-school health issues: vaccinations, adolescent sleep and heavy backpacks.
Donald L. Durden, MD, PhD, pediatric researcher at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Moores Cancer Center has identified and developed a novel therapeutic target for neuroblas ...
Accurately assessing pain in children in a clinical setting can be difficult. A study by researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine has demonstrated the validity of a ne ...
Research shows you and your dog are inhabited by similar microbes. Now you can both participate in scientific studies to help UC San Diego researchers learn more about how living with a dog affects hu ...
The foods we eat and the drugs and supplements we take can interact with each other. Anyone who takes multiple drugs should review their medication regimen with a pharmacist and doctor to avoid harmfu ...
Features Janna Villano, MD
Features Aaron Schneir, MD
Drugs have a shelf life. Make that, a health life. They decay, lose potency, sometimes even cause new problems when they get too old. Learn how to spot a drug gone bad and what to do about it.
UC San Diego Health System experts offer safety precautions to help parents and guardians make Halloween safe this year.

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