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Hospital-Based Psychiatric Services


UC San Diego Medical Center
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Neuropsychiatric and Behavioral Medicine Unit

The inpatient psychiatric service is a locked, 18-bed, self-contained unit which provides comprehensive and intensive therapeutic services for adults with functional and organic psychiatric disorders severe enough to require inpatient care. The primary focus of this unit is to provide treatment for emergent symptoms and to prepare patients for follow-up treatment in a less restrictive setting.

The service's treatment approach places a strong emphasis on a therapeutic milieu designed for maximum patient participation and active problem solving. Multidisciplinary treatment, comprised of psychological, social and medical components, provides the foundation for care on the unit.

For information on psychiatric adult inpatient services, please call 619-543-6350.

Senior Behavioral Health Hospitalization Services

The Senior Behavioral Health inpatient service is a 14-bed inpatient acute geriatric psychiatry service. It was established in July 1997 to provide the highest quality individualized clinical care for senior adults needing behavioral health and medical treatment, and to do so in a clinically sophisticated, safe, comfortable, supportive and responsive treatment environment. Senior adult patients who are 65 and older are admitted voluntarily to the Unit for short-term treatment and care. Treatment services are provided by a multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty team and delivered with an integrated approach to the patient’s psychiatric and medical conditions. See Senior Behavioral Health.
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