Psychiatric Chronic Pain Treatment and Opioid Detoxification

UC San Diego Health provides expert care for the treatment of chronic pain. Our chronic pain treatment program offers comprehensive evaluation, treatment planning, and care for patients with chronic and disabling pain that requires intensive rehabilitation. Our team works closely with anesthesiologists, physical therapists and pharmacists. We specialize in improving function and quality of life to people with chronic pain.

Many individuals with chronic pain may experience the following:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Difficulty keeping active
  • Increased stress related to work or home
  • Interpersonal difficulties
  • Frequent use of medical services that can be time-­consuming and costly

​Pain Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Chronic pain is multifaceted and can be quite complex. Some individuals benefit from our intensive outpatient program for the treatment of chronic pain. Treatment focuses on addressing biological, psychological, and social factors that affect chronic pain. An individually tailored treatment plan is created to maximize functioning and quality of life. Participants attend 3 days per week, 4 hours per day, for approximately 4-8 weeks. Treatment includes:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Psychoeducation classes
  • Pharmacy education
  • Physical therapy

Who is a candidate for the Pain IOP?

An individual with the following may benefit from our program:

  • Poor pain control with medications
  • Limitations in functional abilities due to pain
  • Symptoms of depression or anxiety related to pain condition
  • Unable to participate in an inpatient hospital program (or full day treatment program) for chronic pain
  • Difficulty decreasing dependence on pain medications

Opioid Detoxification

As part of our chronic pain program, we offer people who have been on escalating levels of opioid painkillers a carefully managed opioid detoxification program – to help them halt narcotic use or lower their dose to a safer level. Learn more.

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