Addiction Recovery and Treatment

UC San Diego Health offers addiction recovery and treatment services for individuals with substance use disorders alone or in conjunction with other mental health challenges. Our whole-person approach to care is extended to all populations without judgment.

We recognize both the biological basis of addiction and each person’s unique sociocultural situation, and work to tailor treatment to each person. Our focus is on delivering compassionate, evidence-based care that improves quality of life and daily life functioning.

Care for All Stages of Recovery from Substance Use Disorders

Because we bring the best available science to our care plans, we employ a harm-reduction approach to addiction treatment and lifelong recovery. Harm-reduction uses practical strategies to reduce the negative consequences of drug use. This evidence-based approach means that we deliver care to all individuals (age 18 and older) in all stages of recovery, including:

  • Abstinence
  • Relapse
  • Active use
  • Maintenance
Pregnant women are also encouraged to seek out support and help, and will receive priority care.

Treatment for Alcohol, Prescription Drug and Illicit Drug Addiction

We treat a range of substance use disorders, including:

  • Alcohol use disorder
  • Nicotine use disorder
  • Cannabis use disorder
  • Prescription drug use disorders
  • Illicit drug use disorders, including opioid use disorder

If you are diagnosed with both a substance use disorder and another mental health condition, such as anxiety, depression or a personality disorder, we will treat both conditions simultaneously with an integrated approach that has been shown to be more effective than other treatment options. 

Services for Treating Addiction

Our clinic-based, outpatient services include:

  • Expert evaluation and diagnosis
  • Treatment planning
  • Medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders, including buprenorphine for opioid use disorder, long-acting injectable and oral naltrexone for alcohol use disorder and smoking cessation drugs
  • Medication management to address mental health issues such as depression and anxiety-related disorders 
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Help with linking to community services and peer-support groups that can provide a sense of community to support a lifelong recovery process

Most insurance plans will cover our services.

Commitment to the Community and Population Health

As the region’s only academic medical center, we are dedicated to improving what is known about addiction and ways to successfully treat it. Because of this, we track and study the outcomes of different care plans and will adapt and expand our services to continue to offer the highest level of care to those with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health issues. We often provide specialty services not widely available elsewhere.

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