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Child Psychiatry and Teen Psychiatry

UC San Diego Health offers pediatric psychiatry services to children and teens, age 6 to 17.

Our care team includes board-certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists and a licensed marriage and family therapist. Together, they deliver comprehensive evidence-based treatments for children and families. Our services, which are available through internal referral only, include:

Tips for Talking to Kids about Violent Events

School shootings and other acts of horrific violence have become a gut-wrenching reality. With news now easily accessible on a variety of platforms, a team of experts provides tips to protect our kids.

  • Comprehensive evaluations: Families receive a detailed psychological, psychiatric and medical assessment. The evaluations help establish an accurate diagnosis and tailor a treatment plan accordingly.
  • Neuropsychological and educational testing: This may include tests of language, information processing, memory, attention and academic skills. Results can help identify effective interventions for children and teens who may have challenges in development or school.
  • Therapy: We offer individual, family and group therapy. Family therapy may be appropriate if the focus of treatment is the whole family. Group therapy offers an additional environment to build and practice skills.
  • Medication management: We help families weigh the pros and cons of medications, taking into full consideration that we are treating a growing, developing child.
  • Treatment of co-occurring medical conditions: This is part of our whole-person care philosophy that we believe is vital to helping children reach their full potential.
  • Coordination of care: We can help communicate your child's needs with teachers and medical specialists who may be important to your child's life.

Pediatric Psychiatry: Conditions Treated

We care for mental health and behavioral conditions affecting children and adolescents, including:
  • ADHD and disruptive behaviors impacting performance in school
  • Anxiety, including anxiety-related disorders such obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD)
  • Depression
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Family discord
  • Substance use disorders (addiction)
  • Eating disorders
  • Suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide

Psychiatry for Children: How to Become a Patient

Our child and teen psychiatry services are available for UC San Diego Health patients. Unlike many private counselors or therapists, we accept commercial insurance and most insurance plans offered to UC San Diego employees. To become a patient at our specialty clinic, you need a referral from your UC San Diego Health provider.

​Appointments & Referrals

  • ​858-534-7792 (PSYC)
  • Appointments require internal referral from a UC San Diego Health physician.


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