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Memory, Aging and Resilience

DTI Tractography

A visualization of the brain's white matter constructed using data from advanced imaging techniques.

The Memory, Aging and Resilience Clinic (MARC) offers comprehensive assessment and consultative services for individuals with suspected cognitive impairments or memory complaints. The clinic is specifically designed to target early diagnosis and intervention, and to go beyond testing and evaluations, offering treatment recommendations and referrals to specialists and specialty services. Our goal is to help patients, families and caregivers develop a plan for managing a chronic, long-term neurodegenerative illness. Early intervention may help delay or lessen the impacts of neurocognitive disease on patients and families.

Patients who do not want full consultative services but are interested in diagnostic evaluations may be referred for Neuropsychological Assessment.

What You Can Expect

Assessment is the first step and most patients will need two or three visits to complete an assessment. The assessment includes comprehensive medical, neurological, cognitive, behavioral and psychiatric examinations, including a review of the person's medical history and medication regimen. It may also include an assessment of the person's living situation and social needs by a licensed clinical social worker. Families are encouraged to participate in the evaluation process to help provide background information as needed.

At the end of the initial consultation, we will assist you with scheduling any recommended appointments, including a visit to a neurologist, detailed psychometric testing, or additional laboratory testing or imaging.

Recommendations on Follow-up Care

The last appointment with the memory and aging team is the "family conference," during which time we may suggest follow-up care to help older adults live independently and stay active. 

The follow-up care may include referral to medical specialty care services, such as: 

We can help arrange medical appointments if you choose to see UC San Diego Health doctors. Regardless of where you live or receive care, we will provide you with a thorough and detailed treatment plan that you can take with you.

Treatment plans may also include recommended changes to the person's medication regimen, health education, home safety advice and information about applicable community resources. 

As part of a research-intensive academic medical center, you may also be eligible to participate in research and clinical trials related to your condition. Find out more about research and clinical trials related to memory at UC San Diego's Memory Disorders Clinic.

For more information on aging well, community events, and lectures on healthy aging at UC San Diego, see Stein Institute for Research on Aging.

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