Senior Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient Program

Older adults who are not experiencing significant memory loss or other declines in intellectual abilities but who are but suffering from depression, anxiety or long-standing maladaptive patterns of coping may receive care through Senior Behavioral Health's intensive outpatient program. 

The program offers an alternative to hospitalization and is particularly well suited to patients who need to transition back to life at home after a period of in-patient treatment or are recovering from an acute psychiatric illness.

Patients who would like to receive intensive outpatient treatment will undergo a complete diagnostic evaluation by a geriatric psychiatrist that includes an assessment of their functional capabilities, problem areas and personal strengths.

This diagnostic evaluation is a first step in tailoring treatment to each individual.

More about the intensive outpatient program:

  • Meets two to four days per week for several hours each day
  • Program is based around individualized group therapy sessions that employ a variety of proven treatment approaches, UCSD Senior Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient Programincluding cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Patients are taught how to improve day-to-day living skills, socialization, problem-solving and interpersonal functioning.
  • Patients also learn how to set realistic goals for rehabilitation and actively participate in their recovery.
  • Patients may be referred to other specialists and community resources, including Memory, Aging and Resilience Clinic, our geriatric psychiatry outpatient clinic and senior behavioral health hospital (inpatient) unit.

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