Pulmonary Research and Clinical Trials

UC San Diego Health physicians design and run clinical trials and research studies with internationally recognized academic researchers and industry sponsors. These trials and studies may offer participants early access to new treatments or treatment strategies. New innovations may be particularly valuable for those who have not responded adequately to conventional treatments.

All participation in a clinical trial or research study is a voluntary, personal decision that should be discussed carefully with a person’s family and medical team. Learn more about clinical trials.

Current Research

Nearly all UC San Diego Health pulmonologists conduct basic or clinical research. Topics currently under investigation include:

  • Understanding why some people but not others develop sleep apnea
  • Determining physiological mechanisms associated with acclimatization to chronic hypoxia
  • Examining effects of treating sleep apnea in people with Parkinson’s disease
  • Investigating mechanisms of airway remodeling and asthma
  • Identifying cell signaling pathways regulating cardiac hypertrophy, heart failure and vascular disease, including hypertension
  • Developing new diagnostic tests for tuberculosis
  • Understanding the deposition and dispersion of aerosols in the human lung
  • Elucidating the genetic basis and pharmacogenomics of high blood pressure
  • Documenting neuronal excitability and ionic fluxes occurring when neurons lack oxygen
  • Understanding airflow restriction and obstruction among people with lung disease, including asthma and COPD
  • Rehabilitating lung function among people with chronic lung disease
  • Understanding how oxygen is transported from the air to the body's mitochondria, especially in the lungs and the skeletal muscles during exercise
  • Understanding the vascular biology of lung tumor progression


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