Patient Stories

UC San Diego Health is changing the lives of thousands of people through advanced, comprehensive surgical care. Here, our patients tell their stories.

Surgery for Stroke


Julie Voigt went to a chiropractor who unknowingly damaged her carotid artery. The first doctors she saw failed to realize the severity of the problem. A few days later she had a stroke and was rushed to UC San Diego's Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Brain Tumor Surgery


UC San Diego Health uses new technologies to image nerve fibers in the brain. With highly-accurate brain scans, neurosurgeons plan surgery to remove brain tumors. Here, Anthony Chetti shares his personal story.

Cancer Surgery


Jenn Brady was treated for breast cancer at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. Watch as the survivor continues to practice ballet and spend time with her family. Read more about Cancer Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Gastric Banding Surgery


Willie De Pascale underwent gastric banding surgery after he had a heart attack at age 43. At 390 pounds, the retired chef found a good solution at UC San Diego Bariatric and Metabolic Institute. He has lost 125 pounds without losing his passion for food. Read more about Bariatric Surgery.

Chemo Bath Surgery


Matt Youmans received a terminal cancer diagnosis. But Moores Cancer Center offered him a new kind of surgery. See how the chemo bath surgery he received at UC San Diego Health changed his life. Read more about Cancer Surgery (Surgical Oncology).

Robotic GI Surgery


Eve Gardner was healthy one day and sick the next day. She suffered excruciating pain she compared to shards of glass ripping through her insides. Dr. Elisabeth McLemore performed a robotic surgery on Eve to treat ulcerative colitis.  Read more about Colorectal Surgery.

Robotic Cancer Surgery


Scott Thurman was diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated by Dr. Christopher J. Kane at UC San Diego Health. Watch his story of recovery. Read more about Urology.