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Phase II - Maintenance

Phase II is the maintenance phase of UC San Diego Health's Weight Management Program. As hard as it is to lose weight, it is even harder to keep it off. At our program, our primary focus and philosophy is not only long-term weight maintenance, but permanent health management.

How to Ensure Long-Term Weight Maintenance

From the very beginning, we emphasize the skills you will need to keep weight off, reduce your risk of chronic illness, improve your quality of life and of course, look your best. Even though you are likely to lose weight rapidly and safely during the first phase, our highly trained staff will continue to work with you during the more important phase II, where you will practice the skills and behaviors needed for long-term successful self-management.

The analogy we like to use is that of learning to play a new sport or musical instrument. It doesn't happen overnight. You also need a good coach and most importantly, you need to practice your skills over and over for the behaviors to become second nature. You can lose significant weight with many weight-loss programs, but through our Weight Management Program we not only help you with your journey, but we give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to continue successfully on your own.

During phase II, patients use the skills learned during their weight-loss period to plan and manage their eating and exercising. You will attend weekly classes that provide diet and exercise support and emphasize healthy lifestyle changes that lead to success in maintaining weight loss in the long term. Weekly classes cover portion sizes, label reading, grocery shopping, eating out and more. We also offer individualized coaching and midweek support and encouragement through phone follow-up.

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