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UC San Diego Health
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Knee Replacement

Total and Partial Knee Replacement or Arthroplasty

The Center for Joint Care at UC San Diego Health is a comprehensive medical center offering total and partial knee replacement and therapy.

Customized For Your Specific Needs

Knee replacementWe make sure your knee replacement is customized to fit your joints and bones. That customization – using the latest in imaging technology, three-dimensional modeling and surgical guides, and proven components – means better balance and alignment. Patient-specific implants and instrumentation are designed to fit each patient based on his or her own anatomy.

Our muscle-sparing surgical techniques get you back on your feet faster with minimal impact to surrounding muscles and soft tissues.


Total and Partial Knee Replacement Expertise

Knee illustration
  • Medial unicompartmental replacement (replacement of the inside part of the knee)
  • Lateral unicompartmental replacement (replacement of the outside part of the knee)
  • Patellofemoral unicompartmental replacement (replacement of the front part of the knee)
  • Combination or bicompartmental replacement
  • Complex revision knee replacement
  • Multimodal pain management
  • Highly trained physicial therapists in our orthopedic rehab program 

Outpatient Procedures

For patients who are active and motivated to go home sooner, our surgeons can sometimes conduct partial knee replacements on an "outpatient" basis, with a hospital stay of less than 24 hours and rehabilitation therapy beginning within a few hours of surgery. If you'd like to know whether you're a candidate, call 858-657-8200 and mention your interest in outpatient surgery when you schedule an appointment.

We Handle the Most Complex Cases

The team at UC San Diego Health handles complex joint degeneration cases, including the most joint revisions annually in the region to correct failed joint replacements performed at other medical centers.

In the video below, meet Emily Sunderland, who underwent 16 surgeries on her leg before coming to UC San Diego Health. In a tremendous amount of pain and on heavy medications, Emily prepared for amputation. Then she met orthopedic surgeonAnna Kulidjian, MD, who believed she could save her leg.


Appointments and Referrals

  • 858-657-8200
  • For Referring Physicians

Office Locations

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Knee Replacement Surgeons

Find out how UC San Diego Health and Dr. Anna Kulidjian helped Chad Griffith return to normal activity and walking 6.5 miles a day.

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