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Frequently Asked Questions: Hip Disorders & Hip Arthroscopy

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How do I know if I have a hip problem?

How are hip disorders and labral tears diagnosed?

What kind of imaging will I need?

Do non-operative treatments like physical therapy work for labral tears?

Are there medications I can take for my hip?

Do injections help? When are they used?

What is actually done in hip arthroscopy?

Will I be on crutches after hip arthroscopy?

What does the recovery from hip arthroscopy involve?

I have osteoarthritis. Can hip arthroscopy help me?

I have hip dysplasia. Can hip arthroscopy help me?

Online Second Opinions of Hip Joint X-Rays or MRIs

If you have X-rays or an MRI of your hip and would like one of our orthopedists to review your images, UC San Diego Health offers online imaging reviews. It's an easy and affordable way to help you make an informed decision about hip surgery. For more information, see Online Second Opinions for Hip Replacement or Resurfacing.