Joint Surgery and Replacement

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People affected by severe arthritis in their hips and knees talk about their joint replacement experience at UC San Diego Health, including a man who was up and walking three hours after hip replacement surgery. See more patient stories.

The Center for Joint Care specializes in surgical care for individuals with significant joint damage or degeneration. Our patients have typically tried conservative treatment options such as physical therapy, lifestyle modifications and steroid injections but still experience pain and loss of joint function. 

Our surgeons understand the physical and mental toll of chronic joint pain and can help return you to an active lifestyle. We are experts in:

  • Computer-assisted reconstruction or replacement surgeries
  • 3D, patient-specific implants and instruments
  • Outpatient joint surgeries 
  • Advanced pain management techniques
  • Rehab and physical therapy

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Outpatient Joint Replacements

For patients who are active and motivated to go home sooner, our surgeons can sometimes conduct hip replacements or partial knee replacements on an "outpatient" basis, with a hospital stay of less than 24 hours and physical therapy beginning within a few hours of surgery. 


Our team has expertise in ankle replacement surgery to treat ankle joints that have been badly damaged due to conditions such as infection, bone fracture, or arthritis.


Hip Replacement

Our joint care team specializes in leading-edge hip resurfacing and replacement. People treated at UC San Diego Health have less pain and faster recovery time than they do at other medical centers.


Our joint care team is a leader in total and partial shoulder replacement and resurfacing.


Knee replacement

Using advanced imaging and robotic technology, our team performs muscle and tissue-sparing partial and total knee replacements.

Free Classes

Come learn and ask questions about hip and knee replacements at one of our free joint replacement classes.