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Knee Care

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The knee is a complex structure that plays an integral role in many sports and recreational activities, and in daily life functioning. It is the central joint in the lower extremity kinetic chain (hip-knee-ankle). There are many causes of knee pain, including overuse and repetitive activity that leads to problems in or around the structures of the knee. Injuries from sports or even daily activities are common causes of knee pain. As we age, we are also at greater risk for knee pain and loss of mobility due to joint issues and deconditioning.

Common Sources of Knee Pain

UC San Diego Health physicians are experts at diagnosing and treating knee injuries and conditions, including:

Total and Partial Knee Replacements

Individuals who have not responded to physical therapy, lifestyle modifications and steroid injections may be candidates for a total or partial knee replacement. In some cases, surgery can be performed without hospitalization.

Our orthopedic surgeons also offer revision surgeries to correct complications from a previous surgery.

Sports Medicine Appointments & Referrals


Sports Medicine Locations

UC San Diego Health offers expertise in sports medicine within family medicine, orthopedics, surgery and rehab. Not all services are available at all locations.

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