Nutrition Consultations

Our sports dietitian works with athletes of all levels — from Ironman triathletes to beginners embarking on their first 10k — and can help develop a nutrition plan to support functioning, healing from injuries, and overall performance. 

Sports nutrition consultations are customized for your needs but can include:

  • Counseling on optimal nutrition for recovery from an injury or illness, including a personalized meal plan to help you maintain weight while your activity level is low
  • Counseling on achieving and maintaining weight/body composition (losing body fat or gaining lean mass) that is consistent with good health and performance
  • Personalized advice on incorporating an anti-inflammatory diet to support joint health
  • Guidance on optimizing fueling to improve performance, including meal and snack plans (to support specific workouts, exercise intensity, body composition, recovery, and performance goals) and race-day fueling and hydration plans
  • Evaluation of current diet and activity level/intensity to determine areas that need improvement

Costs and Insurance

Sports nutrition counseling is often considered an out-of-pocket expense and may or may not be covered by insurance. Costs may be covered by a health savings account (HSA). Call us today at 844-377-7678 for more information.

Appointments & Referrals

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