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Research and Clinical Trials

The Division of Otolaryngology at UC San Diego Health is advancing the understanding and treatment of head and neck disorders.

Our physician-scientists are active in numerous research projects and clinical studies. For example, our head and neck surgeons are examining:

  • The increase in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma in patients taking a certain medication for anemia.
  • Prevalence of Meniere‚Äôs disease
  • The role of estrogen in growth and vascularity of autoimmune of vestibular schwannomas
  • Gene therapy for inner ear conditions
  • Auditory implants
  • Variable pressure and fixed pressure CPAP for sleep apnea
  • Olfactory dysfunction
  • Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss
  • Cartilage tissue engineering for the advancement of craniofacial reconstruction
  • Acoustic neuroma tumorigenesis
  • Causes of migraine
  • The use of molecular fluorescence imaging to guide surgeons in tumor surgery
  • Facial nerve regeneration
  • Chronic rhinosinusitis


Recent Headlines in Head and Neck Surgery: View titles and abstracts of scientific articles at PubMed written by UC San Diego Health head and neck surgeons.

Research Laboratories

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are highly regulated health-related research studies that move advances in the treatment of disease forward into clinical practice. They offer people the chance to receive newly developed therapies and provide crucial information for improving care. The Division of Otolaryngology is currently conducting clinical trials in a broad spectrum of treatments, diseases and conditions.

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