Patient Stories

UC San Diego Health is changing the lives of thousands of people through advanced, comprehensive surgical care. Here, our patients tell their stories.

Surgery for Stroke


Julie Voigt went to a chiropractor who unknowingly damaged her carotid artery. The first doctors she saw failed to realize the severity of the problem. A few days later she had a stroke and was rushed to UC San Diego Health's Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery


Glen Horn wasn't sure he would ever ride the waves again after discovering he needed total hip replacement surgery. Thanks to Scott Ball, MD, Horn, 63, was back on his surfboard three months after surgery and continues a healthy and successful recovery.

Cancer Surgery


Jenn Brady was treated for breast cancer at UC San Diego Health's Moores Cancer Center. Watch as the survivor continues to practice ballet and spend time with her family. Read more about Cancer Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Robotic Cancer Surgery


Scott Thurman was diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated by Dr. Christopher J. Kane at UC San Diego Health. Watch his story of recovery. Read more about Urology.

Kidney Transplant Surgery


An incredible Facebook connection and the kind decision of the Lebowitz family to donate their son's organs led to a lifesaving kidney transplant surgery at UC San Diego Health.

Orthopedic Surgery


Emily Sunderland underwent 16 surgeries on her leg before coming to UC San Diego Health, but it remained infected. Then she met orthopedic surgeon Dr. Anna Kulidjian who believed she could save Emily’s leg and get her back to a normal life. Read more about Orthopedic Surgery.