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Classes and Support Groups for Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation

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For a current schedule or more information any of the following classes, call 858-657-7729.

Living Kidney Donation Seminar

Learn about all of the aspects of the kidney donor evaluation process, including the benefits of living donation, overview of the donation surgery, and post-operative recovery for the living donor.

Information Meeting (Transplant 101)

Held three to four times a month in English and Spanish by our transplant coordinators, this 90-minute class provides a complete overview of kidney transplantation. Pre-transplant patients and their family and friends are encouraged to attend. Topics covered include hospital stay, clinic visits, medication management, financial issues and care partner responsibilities.

Transplant 102

This class is highly recommended for all pre-transplant patients and their family, friends and care partners to come and ask questions and share their experiences. Offered every month in English and Spanish by a post-transplant nurse and transplant social worker, this class covers the entire transplantation process and what to expect the first three months following transplant surgery.

Support Group for Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Patients

This is an informal gathering for transplant pre- and post-transplant patients to exchange information, ideas and their experiences related to the challenges of end-stage renal disease and kidney and pancreas transplant. Family members are welcome. This support group is co-facilitated by a transplant social worker and transplant nurse.

Meet Your Transplant Pharmacist

Medication use after transplant can be complicated. Our transplant pharmacist offers this important class to help inform patients, families and friends about anti-rejection medications with tips for taking them correctly. The class is held quarterly in English and Spanish.

Weight Change Support Group

Our transplant dietitian offers strategies and tips to help you reach your weight goals. Patients, family and friends are welcome.

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Give the Gift of Life: Living Donation

Tens of thousands of people are on the waiting list each year for a kidney transplant in the United States in 2014. By making the voluntary decision to be a living kidney donor, you give a healthy kidney to a person who needs one. All potential donors are medically screened to protect their health and safety. Discover more about living kidney donation and start the donor process.