Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Team

Kidney Transplant Team Photo 

The kidney/pancreas transplant team includes surgeons, nephrologists, infectious disease specialists, endocrinologists, clinical transplant nurse coordinators, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, neuropsychologists, clinical social workers and registered dietitians. Patients, doctors, researchers and staff all work together to provide the best outcomes for those facing end-stage kidney disease.



Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Coordinators

Sandra Heisterkamp, RN
Nina Krishun, BSN, RN
David Lewino, RN
Suzanne Reed, RN
Stephanie Ta, RN

Eileen Chatfield, RN
Jennifer Joliat, RN

What do kidney and pancreas transplant coordinators do?

The kidney and pancreas transplant coordinators are deeply involved in the transplant process including your care before, during and after transplantation. They will discuss any questions or concerns with you throughout the process, and will coordinate your pre and post transplant care. Call 858-657-7729.

Transplant Financial Coordinator(s)

Joe Berrios
Abby Padilla

What do transplant financial coordinators do?

The kidney and pancreas transplant financial coordinator is your primary contact for insurance and financial issues related to transplantation and care. Call 858-657-7729.

Transplant Dietician(s)

Lisa Forgett, RD

What do transplant dieticians do?

Our dietician has specific training on the nutritional needs of people with kidney diseases and how those nutritional needs change during and after transplantation. Lisa will help you create a meal plan and understand food choices that provide the greatest nutritional benefit. Call 858-657-7729.

Live Donor Coordinator(s)

Michael Chua, RN

What do live donor coordinators do?

The live donor coordinator supports and manages the care of living kidney donors. Call 858-657-7729.

Transplant Assistant(s)

Laura Barraga
Edna Galvan
Alejandra Munoz (live donor assistant)
Jan Parris

What do transplant assistants do?

The transplant assistants play a crucial role in orchestrating behind the scenes efforts to schedule appointments, collect and maintain medical records and assist in pre- and post-transplant care. Call 858-657-7729.

Transplant Social Worker(s)

Christine Hines, LCSW (pre-transplant)
Nina Sullivan, MSW (in-patient and post-transplant)
Kelli Swan-Vranish, LCSW (in-patient and post-transplant)

What do transplant social workers do?

The kidney and pancreas transplant social workers help you handle challenges throughout the transplant process. They are your contacts for issues regarding housing, work, relocating, transportation assistance, state disability, medication assistance, community support and more. Call 858-657-7729.

Transplant Pharmacist(s)

Michael Misel, PharmD
Janice Sudaria-Kerr, PharmD

What do transplant pharmacists do?

The pharmacists on the kidney and pancreas transplant team have extensive experience in the medications used to fight rejection, infection and keep you healthy. They will help monitor your medications while you are in the hospital and at clinic visits and will teach you about each of the medications you are taking. Call 858-657-7729.