Liver Transplant Team

Liver Transplant Team



Liver Transplant Coordinators

Kelly Dobbins, RN (post-transplant)
Eunice Manzano, MSN, FNP-BC (pre-transplant)
Tina Misel, MSN, NP-C (post-transplant)
Joan Salotti, MSN, ANP, CCTC (pre-transplant)
Kim Settineri, PA (post-transplant)

What does a liver transplant coordinator do?

Live Donor Coordinator

Michael Chua, RN

What does a live donor coordinator do?

Liver Transplant Financial Coordinator

Cindy Cruz

What does a liver transplant financial coordinator do?

Liver Transplant Social Workers

Vanessa Mulsow, MSW (pre-transplant)
Nina Sullivan, MSW (in-patient and post-transplant)
Kelli Swan-Vranish, LCSW (post-transplant)

What does a liver transplant social worker do?

Liver Transplant Dietician

Natasha Mooney, RD

What does a liver transplant dietician do?

Transplant Pharmacists

Michael Misel, PharmD
Janice Sudaria-Kerr, PharmD

What does a transplant pharmacist do?

Appointments and Referrals


Links, classes, support groups and other information on liver transplantation.

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