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Erinn Hoyt

A double lung transplant didn't dampen Erinn Hoyt's love of swimming. She traveled to Spain to compete at the 2017 World Transplant Games Federation and won five silver and two bronze medals. Find out more

The Lung Transplant Program at UC San Diego Health began in 1989 under the direction of the internationally renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Stuart W. Jamieson, MB, FRCS.

The program performed its first lung transplant in 1990 and continues to have a robust volume annually with excellent outcomes. The one-month and one-year survival rates are 94 percent and 81 percent, respectively.

The Lung Transplantation Program is certified by Medicare and Medi-Cal.

Why would someone need a lung transplant?

Lung transplantation is a treatment option for irreversible, life-threatening lung diseases such as:

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We welcome questions about our program, as well as new referrals and self-referrals. Our program works closely with your current physicians to provide continuity of care and a team approach.

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