Community Benefit

UC San Diego Health touches the lives of those in San Diego and beyond through programs and services that promote health care access, health education, and physical and mental wellness. 

We have been nationally recognized for our community outreach initiatives, including the UC San Diego Health High School Sponsorship Academy, Student-Run Health Clinics and Screenings, Health Careers Opportunity Program and various LGBTQ initiatives.

We are also recognized for participating in the 340B prescription drug program, which is a vital lifeline for safety-net providers and their patients.

Benefits to the Community in 2022

In the fiscal year 2022, UC San Diego Health provided more than $558 million in community benefit programs and services, including:

Government-Sponsored Care Shortfalls and Uncompensated Charity Care – $501 million

Unpaid cost of Medicare, Medi-Cal, indigent care programs, State Children’s Health Insurance Programs and other safety net programs, as well as uncompensated charity care and in-kind contributions

Education of Health Professionals – $55 million

Direct costs of teaching physicians, nurses and students, as well as scholarships and funding for education

The Offset of Insurance Plan Shortfalls – $2 million

Emergency and trauma services, hospital outpatient services, behavioral health services, palliative care and hospice

UC San Diego Health Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy

UC San Diego Health is required by the IRS (REG 106499-12) to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment and adopt an implementation strategy every three (3) years. Download our latest community health needs assessments and implementation strategies in PDF format below.

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