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At UC San Diego Health, you have access to innovative, investigational treatments and therapies.

This is because our physicians are also researchers at the top of their fields. Together with their UC San Diego School of Medicine colleagues, they're continuously making discoveries to improve your health and quality of life.

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What Is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are research studies that involve people. They are the final step in a long process that begins with research in a lab and animal testing. Many treatments used today are the result of past clinical trials. Clinical trials look at new ways to:

  • Treat conditions and diseases
  • Find and diagnose disease
  • Prevent disease
  • Manage symptoms of a disease or its treatment

What to Expect

Clinical trials take place in the same setting where standard patient care occurs. Your regular doctors, nurses, social workers and other health professionals are often part of your care team.

As a clinical trial's participant, you may have more tests and office visits than usual. You may also have other responsibilities, such as keeping a log or filling out forms about your health. You will have a clinical research study coordinator to help you. Your study coordinator will schedule your appointments, make sure your labs are performed and be on call to answer your questions.

Safety and Informed Consent

Your safety is the top priority for any clinical trial. To protect your safety, the federal government regulates most clinical research. All researchers prepare plans of action for their studies, called a “protocol.” The protocol outlines how many people will take part in the study, what medical tests they will receive and how often. It also includes the treatment plan. 

Before a study can proceed, the University of California, San Diego Institutional Review Board must review and approve the protocol. This board includes doctors, ethicists and members of the community. Together, they ensure that the trial is safe and ethical.

You can change your mind and leave the study whenever you want. It will not affect your access to other treatments. Your research team has a duty to keep you informed, help you understand the information, and answer your questions.

Alpha Stem Cell Clinic

Clinical Trials Involving the Use of Stem Cells

The UC San Diego CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic is dedicated to bringing stem cell-based therapies to patients with unmet medical needs.

ResearchMatch: Everyone Benefits When You Volunteer

UC San Diego participates in ResearchMatch, which can help "match" you with any type of research study, ranging from surveys to clinical trials. You decide which ones interest you.


Contact Us

Your physician may be able to talk to you about whether a clinical trial is right for you or contact us for more information.

UC San Diego Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI) supports many of our clinical trials. If you are interested in taking part in one, please contact:

Phone: 858-534-0901

Moores Cancer Center
The Clinical Trials Office at Moores Cancer Center oversees trials related to cancer care. We can help you decide if one is right for you:

Phone: 858-822-5354