Health Equity

"Racism, hatred and violence have no place in society, and they certainly have no place at UC San Diego Health. We are committed to ensuring that UC San Diego Health is a place where all can thrive." — Patty Maysent, CEO, UC San Diego Health

Health equity exists when everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity or socioeconomic background, has a fair and just opportunity for wellness and health.

Reducing Health Disparities

The principles of health equity at UC San Diego Health aim to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, health disparities in our community and their root causes, including social determinants of health. Social determinants of health are non-medical factors (such as a person's environment, employment and education) that influence a person's health.

Health disparities are closely linked to economic, social and environmental disadvantages that are often driven by structural and institutional racism.

Why Are Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Important at UC San Diego Health?

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are core elements to dismantling structural racism and developing a framework for a more just community. At UC San Diego Health, this means a culture rooted in integrity and respect, where all of our physicians, staff and patients can thrive.

More broadly, as an academic medical center that is part of the University of California, we are committed to caring for our community — all of our community — through new science, new medicines and new cures. Through equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, we address drivers within our health system and across our community that contribute to public health disparities and inequities. This work is, thus, important to our core mission of caring for our community.

What Have We Done So Far?

Dismantling structural racism is now an official goal of the UC San Diego Health Strategic Framework. In addition, we are taking immediate action to affirm our health system's commitment to EDI. At UC San Diego Health, we have:

  1. Launched two new leadership recruitments to foster a culture of anti-racism throughout our organization: an Assistant Vice Chancellor for the professional schools, and a Chief Administrative Officer for UC San Diego Health, who will lead our EDI efforts
  2. Established an Anti-Racism Taskforce to advance EDI goals and chart a course forward for real, long-term change. Task-force initiatives include:
    • Creating new and modifying existing guidelines and opportunities to increase workforce diversity and representation at all levels 
    • Developing annual and ad-hoc EDI training plans for staff, faculty and leaders 
    • Establishing and revising policies and practices to dismantle internalized, interpersonal and institutional racism
  3. Mandated anti-racist training for leadership. Some of these training sessions have already begun. Others, including those for career development and personal growth, are under consideration or being planned. 

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To get involved or contact us, email Dr. Crystal Cené, chief administrative officer for health justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.